Environmental Respect

We are committed to using natural resources wisely and protecting our environment for the benefit of future generations. Our Environmental RESPECT Policy details this commitment in the areas of Responsibility, Efficiency, Stewardship, Performance, Evaluation, Communication and Training.

Renewable Energy Sources

Berkshire Hathaway Energy is a leader in renewable energy.

Today, approximately 43% of our businesses’ owned and contracted generation capacity comes from renewable and noncarbon sources. MidAmerican Energy Company and PacifiCorp own the largest and second-largest portfolios, respectively, of wind-powered generating capacity in the U.S. among rate-regulated utilities. BHE Renewables owns and operates the Topaz and Solar Star projects, both of which are among the largest solar projects in the U.S.


Taking Action

As the energy debate continues, Berkshire Hathaway Energy companies are taking early action to protect the environment by:

  • Commiting to invest $30 billion in renewable energy generation
  • Pursuing fossil-fueled generation efficiency improvement projects
  • Investing in new electricity transmission and distribution equipment to reduce the loss of kilowatts and improve reliability
  • Offering programs that empower our customers to conserve and manage their energy use, including energy efficiency incentives, energy assessments and smart metering
  • Working to avoid methane and sulfur hexafluoride releases from our gas and electricity transmission and distribution operations

Looking to the Future

Our efforts to reduce the emissions of Berkshire Hathaway Energy’s generation fleet will continue. So will our efforts to work with policymakers as they create responsible environmental laws and regulations reflective of sound public policy. As we plan changes to our generation mix in response to regulatory requirements, we must strike a balance between environmental concerns and keeping electricity rates affordable for customers.